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In this special episode, Chana Weisberg shares what it was like to grow up as the daughter of the legendary Torah scholar and leader, Rabbi Dovid Schochet of Toronto.
There is a saying that our life is a gift from G‑d, but that what we do with that life is our gift back to G‑d. In order to make that remotely meaningful, we have to understand the exalted essence of...
Moses’ task of nurturing his flock’s faith expresses itself in its fullest at those times when we are “crushed.” For it is then that the essential faith kicks into highest gear and activates incredibl...
Basic procedure of the Jewish divorce—the mutual agreement, document, ceremony and aftermath
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Wearing his kipah in public
Khana already had three hearing children when she gave birth to a deaf son, Mordekhai. Whereas other mothers might have seen only negative, Khana remembers those years as full of positives.
An interview with Hadas Lowenstern, wife of fallen soldier Elisha

Dear Readers,

They say that grief comes in waves. The last couple of weeks since the passing of my father, Rabbi Dovid Schochet, of blessed memory, have been trying. One moment I’ll be aware of my sadness, but managing to navigate it. Then, in the early hours of the morning, or as one of the many memories surface, there will be a rush of feelings and I’m left with tears in my eyes.

Many of y...

Our religiousness is now most evident by looking at my five-year-old son, who almost always wears his kipah, and sometimes his tzitzit, or knotted ritual fringes. There’s still some uneasiness for me as a mother, letting him out into the world with such an open expression of our Jewish identity.
— My Son’s Badge of Honor
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Dusty Lampshades

Looking for a way you can quickly and thoroughly dust off lampshades or plant leaves? A lint brush is your answer. A quick rollover, and you will get that dust off almost effortlessly.


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