High Holiday Reservation Form

We're offering you a hassle-free way to make seat reservations for adults & children, order your Lulav & Esrog set, make a donation - all with one simple click!

For more information please call 818.989.9539 or email info@chabadnh.com

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Adult/Children High Holiday Reservations
Adults | $250
Children | $125
under Bar / Bat mitzvah
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Lulav & Esrog Set
I would like to order the following number of sets
(Prices differ based on quality of set):
Yanover | $150 Set A | $95 Set B | $85
Set C | $75 Set D | $55  
*All orders must be pre-paid and can be picked up at
Chabad of North Hollywood on Erev Yom Tov Sunday, October 16.
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We are happy to contribute $ to the High Holiday Appeal.
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